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gartans is leather goods and apparel brand with a love for adventure and a dedication to choosing a simpler way of living. We honor the lost craft of learning a new trade and hard work earned with your hands. That’s why we aim to provide men  and women a brand that adds quality to your everyday experiences. 

Get to Know Us

If this page has not told you about us adequately, you can always contact us for more information. We can provide with all the information about design and production process along with the shipping info and return policy. Our skilled, experienced and warm customer care representative will assist and respond to all inquiries that you may have at Our customer service promises to respond within one business day as customer satisfaction is our number one goal.


If you have any questions or customer service concerns please contact us:

Zhongshan City Lejing  Kitchen  Co., Ltd.

Our address:  One of No. 32 Shenghui North Road, Nantou Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China
PHONE:+86 13407586127 ZIP:528427 EASTERN TIME(ET)