Abstract Bookshelf Statuettes

$44.95 $49.95

Make your home stand out

New colors: silver and white statuettes!

We spend most of our time in our homes. Make your rooms come to life with the new attention-grabbing Abstract Bookshelf Statuettes!

  • A fantastic talking-point when friends and family are visiting
  • Suitable for many different areas of the home
  • Unique, new and modern design


They are also wonderful gift choices:

  • For the student, the Scholar statuette will be their friend
  • The Musician statuette to those obsessed with melodies & rhythm
  • The Thinker statuette for the every-day philosophers & ponderers
  • What about the know-it-all, the walking encyclopedia who is always right? The Seer statuette is a great choice.

Only during Fall Sale: don't miss out on getting the full set at a $50 discount! Pick the "Set of 4" variant above.

Made with high quality resin material, the shelf thinkers will accompany you or your loved ones in their home for a long time.