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No cracks, damage or chips to the teapot, cups and lid. Never used and stored in a pet and smoke green home.

Yixing teapots are considered by the Chinese to be the embodiment of the perfect teapot. They are sought after for the artistry of the design and the way that tea brewed in them tastes. Yixing teapots are thought to keep the tea warm longer than porcelain teapots and to bring out and enhance the flavour of the teas. The interior of a Yixing teapot is also porous, so it slowly absorbs the flavour of the tea and delivers better tasting tea as the years go by. It is even said that if you use a Yixing teapot for many years, you can brew tea just by pouring boiling water into the empty pot. For this reason, Chinese tea lovers usually have several Yixing teapots and stick to one variety of tea for each Yixing teapot.

Yixing teapots are traditionally a small size for a few reasons:

They were first used as individual pots. Traditionally people in China would travel to teahouses and other people’s homes with their own yixing teapot.
Yixing pots were used to make many servings of tea when necessary. Typically more tea leaves were added to the pot and were then re-infused.

【Total length】: 14 CM
【Total height】: 8 CM
【Caliber】: 6 CM
【Capacity】: 230ML