Casual Rug Polyester Pure Color Rug Washable Rug for Home Decor

  • (Specifications) Outer Fabric: Flannel. Filling: Polyurethane. Back: Non-woven fabric (non-slip). Function: soundproof, antibacterial and deodorizing, mite resistant, non-slip treatment
  • (Safe to Use) The reverse side has a strong suction force that adheres firmly to the floor. Also, the bottom layer is lined with non-woven fabric, which will not scratch your flooring. Kotatsu. It also prevents noise when walking. Moderate cushioning and approximately 0.8 inch (20 mm) thickness absorb shocks. Helps prevent injuries during falls
  • Washable: Since it is lightweight, it can be folded, washable, and easy to store. Machine washable at home and comes in contact with the skin, so you can always keep it clean. If you use a washing machine, we recommend using a laundry net
  • Fluffy and Soft to the Touch: Made from microfiber with ultra-fine fibers, it has a smooth and soft feel. It has been treated to protect against cooling during the summer, and is heat resistant in the winter, so it can be used with hot carpet and floor heating. The fluffy rug also provides soundproofing effect. Perfect for year-round comfort

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