Distant Mountain Coffee & Tea Mug

The design inspiration of this cup comes from the intersection of mountains and rivers, with the theme of mountains and rivers, showing the beauty of oriental classical Zen. The combination of the roughness of the pottery and the depth of the distant mountains presents the dual aesthetics of vision and touch. Distant Mountain Coffee & Tea Mug The ceramic filter makes brewing a single serving of coffee or tea easy and enjoyable, and the beautiful lid fits snugly on top to keep your drink warm. Distant Mountain Coffee & Tea Mug The enamel on the inner wall is delicate and soft, as blue as a mirror, and can be used to brew all kinds of tea. It's smooth and easy to clean. Distant Mountain Coffee & Tea Mug 
 Capacity 440 ml
Diameter 9 CM
Depth 13.4 CM
Heat Resistent 150°C
Direct Heat on Stove


Sinomugs Coffee And Tea Mugs Making Process